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 Ma'aden Phosphate Company
Ma'aden Phosphate Company (MPC)
Ma'aden Phosphate Company is a joint venture with SABIC in which Ma'aden owns 70% and SABIC 30%,MPC exploits the phosphate deposit at Al JALAMID in the North of Saudi Arabia and utilises local natural gas and sulphur resources to manufacture Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) at processing facilities at RAS AL KHAIR on the Arabian Gulf coast. These facilities have the flexibility to also produce Monammonium Phosphate (MAP). The DAP produced by MPC is sold primarily into the international markets. Surplus ammonia from the operation is exported or sold domestically. MPC commenced initial production of DAP on the 17th June 2011.

MPC operates at two primary sites:
Al Jalamid
The Al Jalamid site comprises the phosphate mine, beneficiation plant and supporting infrastructure and encompasses an area of approx. 50 sq. km. Mine production is around 11.6 Mtpy of ore and the beneficiation facilities can produce an estimated 5 Mtpy of flotation concentrate on a dry basis. Ma'aden's measured phosphate resources at Al Jalamid stand at 534 Mt. Substantial investment has also been made in industrial infrastructure at Al Jalamid including a power plant, potable water production, treatment and distribution facilities, roads and telecommunications supports the mining and beneficiation operations. The phosphate concentrate is transported by rail from Al Jalamid to Ras Al Khair for processing.
Ras Al Khair Industrial City
Ras Al Khair is 90km north of Jubail in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province and is the location of MPC's integrated chemical and fertilizer facility and related infrastructure. The phosphate concentrate transported by rail from Al Jalamid is processed in the fertilizer production facility consisting of a phosphoric acid plant, a sulphuric acid plant, an ammonia plant, a DAP granulation plant, a co-generation and desalination plant, as well as other infrastructure.
At full capacity MPC will produce approximately 3 Mtpy of granular DAP, plus a surplus of approximately 0.4 Mtpy of excess ammonia.

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